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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Writing to Santa Claus and Men

An interesting article I was referred to today compares writing to Santa Claus with communicating with men. That and the other short tips it gave were really interesting. The article was one in a short series of tips about understanding men.

So, in the spirit of preparing for Christmas (since all merchants now have us several months ahead in holiday thinking anyway pfffffffffffffffffffftttttt), My Christmas Wish List for Men is as follows:

All I Want From YOU is:

Chivalry: open my doors, hold my hand. . . you know the drill.
Affection: touch me, kiss me, hold me, look into my eyes. . .all that good stuff.
Take an Interest in ME: get to know who I am, what I want, my dreams, my goals, my hurts, my fears. . .listen, pay attention, and observe. Learn.
Talk to Me: tell me why YOU choose ME. I need to know what you love about me and the good things you see in me.
Take Care of Me: Yes, I am independent, but I love it when you are protective of me, and do things for me just because you love me. So yes, defend me, protect me, cherish me, take care of me. Don't let anyone treat me badly or speak badly of me or to me. This includes YOU.
Be Yourself: you are the man I choose to be with. Trust me and let me in. Show me all that makes you the amazing and sexy man you are. You are safe with me. I will defend you, protect you, cherish you, and take care of you. I will not allow anyone to treat you badly or speak badly of you or to you. This includes me.
Love my child as your own.
Let me love your children as my own.
Be who you have presented yourself to be: That is who I chose.
Do what you say you are going to do: That is how I can trust you.

What would YOUR letter to men or women look like?

By the way, on the subject of writing to Santa Claus, here are two links to help you out:

Free Letter to Santa. Allows children send a free email to Santa. Cool site I have used before. Non-commercial.

Free Letter from Santa. Create a free customized printable letter from Santa for your child (or significant other if your sense of humor is wacky like mine).

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