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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Women Make More Money . . .and Don't Listen to Men

Photo by Chance Agrella
I caught this video on CNN and was appalled by how these two women were behaving. This man was trying to explain some great information, and these two women were so caught up in being defensive women's libbers, they didn't really hear one word he said. They jumped all over him, and were totally demeaning to men.

Ladies, SHUT UP! Seriously. It is hard enough to get men to open up. When you behave like THAT, it only encourages them even more to not talk to us.

Women like you tick off women like me.

The point he was trying to make at the end is that men would like women to understand how to 'turn off' that 'CEO' and 'Business Woman' when with men outside of the workforce, and 'turn on' their 'woman' mode.

Ladies, there is a difference, and if you swallow your false 'women are superior' pride for a minute, you will see that, too.

Women today wear many hats, and have to shift gears all the time. This is just one more gear shift; so why the games, arguing, and debate about it? Is the truth and reality so hard to swallow?

Good grief!

I like my men to leave work at work and be 'my man' when they are with me. Why should this be any different with men wanting their women to be their women and leave their work at work?

I get so tired of men being crucified for being gentlemen, and for wanting women to be ladies.

On a positive note, though, it is a great example of poor communication skills. *laugh*

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