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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Saying 'Goodbye' Pt 2: Procrastination is Cruel

So the friend who convinced me to write the previous 'goodbye' post and I were talking about it, and guess what? I missed a very important issue in my post. So, here it is:

When you procrastinate saying 'Goodbye' you are being horrendously cruel.

Think about it. While you are hemming and hawing and putting it off, what is the other person doing? They are building their hopes up on there being a relationship with you. They are letting their walls down, and allowing some feelings to develop for you.

They are becoming more susceptible to a deeper hurt. . . all because YOU are putting off doing something you should have done the moment you realized it: been honest with them.

Is this really the character you want to establish for yourself? Is this who you are or want to be: someone who is this insensitive and cruel? Of course not.


No more excuses, no more justifications and rationalizations. No more putting it off.

Do the right thing and spare them any further and deeper heartbreak.

Again, breakups are not a big deal unless you make it one. Breakups are all just part and parcel of the dating process and if handled maturely and with kindness, there is no reason why both parties can't say goodbye on good terms and move forward seamlessly.

There will always be some 'goodbyes' which are more disappointing than the others. But, that, too, is part of the process. All of it is leading up to the awesome and amazing relationship ahead: the one we will one day be in and looking back upon all the breakups wonder why we allowed ourselves to get so shook up over them.

And, again, if you are the recipient of the 'goodbye', take it in stride. Be grateful you found out sooner rather than later; and that they had the class, kindness, and maturity to tell you rather than go 'poof' on you. Realize this is bringing you one more step closer to the person you really want to be with who really wants to be with you, and revel in that.

It's all about the attitude, babes.

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