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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

You Are . . .Enough.

Photo by Roxana Gonzalez
Sometimes in dating, our ego and self-worth can take a serious beating. I, too, have had times when I have struggled with feeling like I was 'enough'.

I had a series of several men I was involved with who raved to me and everyone they knew about how wonderful I was to them and to their children. They spoke of what a blessing I was to their life, and how my presence had changed it for the better. They stated more than once that no one had ever loved them as I had, and they knew no one ever could. They said they never felt more loved than when they were loved by me.

And yet, none of these relationships resulted in marriage. In every case, the man involved, though he said all of those things, still found some 'flaw' in being with me that totally nullified everything else, in his mind.

In essence, I was not 'enough'.

It has been an interesting journey for me to come to realize that in those relationships it was not that I was not enough. It wasn't even about me. In every case, the man involved had a 'ghost' or 'demon' in his life to deal with; and in every case, dealing with that (or not) is the heart and cause of what broke us up. My imperfection or imperfect life just got to be the convenient excuse.

It's frustrating, but understanding that helped me to get back on even ground again. I have learned that each and every one of us, in all of our imperfect glory, is 'enough' for someone. It is just a matter of finding them. There are many of them out there. We just have to learn to recognize them when they come along, and also recognize that they, too, in all their imperfections, are 'enough'.

This is a little video message of upliftment I wanted to share on this theme:


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