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Friday, October 26, 2007

Reclaiming My Life

Photo by Richard Hampson
I realized today that I am sinking countless hours into something which is getting me nowhere except exhausted and frustrated. It has moved up the priority list in my life, at the detriment and expense of those things which are truly important to me.

Today, I began reclaiming my life. I thought about what my ‘ideal’ life would be like, and then applied ‘real-life’ to it. Today, I began my journey to living my life my way. I thought about the life I would want to have if I was married again . . .and compared it to what my life is like now. I realized that I have foolishly believed that my life would only change into what I wanted if there were a partner here to help carry the load. I was blind to the fact that without a partner here I can still have, in large measure, the day-to-day life I wish to have.

I started with making my teenaged son breakfast before school. With our schedules and other circumstances I have always been sure to have quick, healthy things for him to eat for breakfast, but it has very much been a ‘fend for yourself’ meal.

No more. While admittedly there will be days when I simply won’t be able to do it, one of my steps in reclaiming my life is to make breakfast for my son each morning. Today I made him two breakfast sandwiches: so he could eat on the way to the bus. He was running late and I knew he would not be able to sit down and eat today. Some days it may be as simple as a bowl of cereal, juice, and a cup of yogurt. Other days may be a full-blown breakfast feast. Regardless, it is important to me to do this act of love for my son.

He used to be able to get breakfast at school, but not anymore. In the mornings he usually is running late and will skip breakfast even if he has time to grab something. It is important to me that he eats in the morning, it is important to me that he starts of his day on a positive note, and it is important to me that he knows I love him. For us, this little thing will accomplish all of that.

I run my own business, and it has slowly infiltrated my life to the point that it is taking precedence over all else. No more. Starting today, I have set hours. Unless there is some urgent reason why I must work a little longer, or alter those hours, they are set.

I am from this point forward selfishly and ferociously guarding my life and priorities. I realized I have given ‘life’ control of my time. No more. While I will have to allow for unexpected circumstances, my life and my day is mine, and I will ensure that what I value most shows in how I live each and every day.

If ‘For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.’, then I want my every day to reflect that my treasure is God, Family, and Country. I want there to be no question in the minds of anyone observing my life, including myself, where my heart truly is.

Some will claim this is me applying the ‘Law of Attraction’. I think to a large degree the 'Law of Attraction' is grandiose bullpuckey designed to lead us off course, but that is another post for another time. What I do know is that I have the power and responsibility to create the life I want, in accordance to God’s Law and to His Holy Will. In humility and obedience to Him and His Will, with every allowance for ‘curve balls’, I can have my best life if I will do my part to ensure it.

What do YOU do to live your best life?

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