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Saturday, June 28, 2008

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Right Reasons

Photo © Lynn Davis

I heard from a friend today who is feeling a bit stressed in her relationship. The only thing I knew to tell her was as follows:
"Relationships are complicated. Especially when you are serious about wanting to be part of an amazing long-term relationship - and marriage. The only fast and hard rule I have ever learned about relationships is that I have to be honest with myself and my partner about who I am, what I need, and whether who they are and what our relationship is matches up with me and what I need - and vice versa. Sometimes I just cannot be who they need or give what they need. It can really stink to be alone, but it stinks worse to be frustrated and stressed all the time.

In my time away from dating, I have experienced a bit of a detoxification/cleansing. While I would still love to be part of an amazing relationship, I see how much I sacrificed for bad causes and how much of myself I lost in the process. We each deserve to be with someone who is a great match for us who puts as much if not more into creating with us a beautiful and lasting relationship. We each deserve to be with someone who puts us ahead of themselves and who is as serious about creating that loving, selfless, mutually-rewarding relationship as we are. Nothing less is right.

Most people are not honestly at that point in their development. It doesn't make them bad - it just makes them not ready yet. Each of us has to decide if waiting it out and working it out is a beneficial or hurtful thing to the end goal - and to our own happiness. No one else can decide that for us.

I wish I had magic words to say to give you comfort, and strength, and answers. All I can say is that I believe in you, and I know that in your heart you know what the right thing, in this moment, is for you. You know your own heart, your own mind, and your own strength. Trust that.

Its okay to stick out tough times - if you are doing it for the right reasons.
Its okay to walk away - if you are doing it for the right reasons.
The right reasons are the ones that bring true and lasting happiness.

You are a brilliant, beautiful, kind, generous, loving woman. You have amazing strength, wisdom, and courage. I know you can do anything you put your mind to doing. I think you deserve to do those things that put a twinkle in your eyes, and give you that glow of joy - whatever they may be."

I think that too many people, myself included, can lose sight of what is really important in the quest for love.

What do YOU think?

Monday, June 23, 2008

Free-Spirited Rowdy Chicks Need Lovin' Too - Part 3

Photo © Tom Curtis
For the third installment of this Rowdy Chick series, I am sharing a parable I wrote about Rowdy Chicks and the men who love us.

A Parable by Dani

Once a wise man and a foolish man each yearned to have a tigress to call their own. They set off for the jungle, each determined to acquire his prize.

The foolish man set up a trap and did manage to snare a beautiful tigress. He took her home and happily placed her in a small cage where he would occasionally toss her some scraps and old bones while he watched her furiously pace and hiss. The foolish man tried to tame her and make her do his will. The Tigress, a wild creature by nature, yearned only for her freedom and took advantage of her first opportunity to escape. . .leaving the foolish man bewildered and deeply wounded.

Meanwhile, the wise man carefully watched his chosen tigress from a distance. He learned to become a part of her world without invading her space until she allowed it. He learned all he could about her and made his presence consistently felt in her world while giving her her freedom and respecting her wild nature. The tigress came to trust the wise man, and soon allowed him closer to her. She remained ever the wild creature, but his deep love and respect of her and her true nature bound her to him in a way nothing else could. He never tried to cage her or change her, so she learned she could trust him; and quickly came to desire his company and to please him. His choice to honor her nature and her freedom was the very thing that drew her to him. . .and forever bound her to him. His wisdom garnered him the fulfillment of his dreams.....and so much more.

So, tell me true. . .are you a wise man or a fool?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Free-Spirited Rowdy Chicks Need Lovin’ Too – Part 2

Photo © Chance Agrella
As promised, today I am posting part two of the Rowdy Chicks series.

Today I am going to share something another Rowdy Chick started. She shared her words, and allowed me to use her inspiration to create my own words and story. From Kendra - a Rowdy Chick whom I adore, admire, and respect; to me; to you.

Exotic Pets

*Remember while you read this that exotic pets are more than beautiful birds and magnificent cats. Iguanas and 'gators are considered exotic pets as well.

It always starts out innocently enough, a guy is attracted to me either in real life or on his computer screen and he initiates contact. We talk and he finds that I am not like the other women he has dated, and my own life experience is beyond his own. He always seems a bit fascinated and shocked all at the same time; and it seems to arouse curiosity and a need for more.

It’s a lot like the exotic pet trade in the US. These animals are coveted by many who don't really understand the animal but who want something unique, something that is a bit of a challenge to keep, and something that is unlike anything that their friends and neighbors posses.

But since they don't know a lot about the pets, the pets and the owner rarely find joy, and there are a lot of exotic pets that are given up because the owner just found them too hard to keep.

I could BE one of these animals. My life is not run by religious or societal constraints or cultural norms, but by my own definition of what is true and right. These beliefs may or may not match popular opinion.

Though I tend to be conservative in my beliefs and standards, even to a man who has played it safe all his life, I am seen as something unique and different. This isn't my ego speaking - men tell me this themselves.

But like the lay person with the exotic pet, they wish to bring me into their environment and force me into adapting to it. They don't understand that I, like the wild animal, don't acclimate well to the change, and cannot be anyone other than who I am.

When I love, it is forever and I give all that I am and all that I have. That being said, I won't be caged or constrained . . . and it's quite possible that I can't be tamed. It is not in my nature nor is it my choice to be other than who I am.

The thought has occurred to me that perhaps I should add a disclaimer to my life that only those who have experience with exotic pets need apply.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rowdy Chick and Disney Chicks - the quiz

Considering my earlier post, this is just too funny. I took this quiz at HelloQuizzy designed to discern which Disney female you are most like.

Here are my results:
You scored 70 Independence, 55 Romance, 55 Loyalty, and 70 Practicality!

Your result for The What Disney Female are you Test...


You are Esmerelda! Like her, you have a good sharp mind, and can look after yourself, no one could catch you if you didn't want to be caught! Although you can be a romantic, you wouldn't be fooled into a relationship that was bad for you, you'd rather be a bit suspicious of people until you know they are definately good. Despite hardship and bad circumstances, you can always be counted on to fight and not give in, to not lose hope. You take stregnth from religion or within rather than from family or your lover, and can exist quite happily on your own although you like being social too. You are one of the strongest disney heroines, witty, firey, passionate, strong willed, and nimble, making everyone want you, but getting your own way and doing your own thing.

Take The What Disney Female are you Test at HelloQuizzy

If you follow the link and take the quiz, please be sure to hop on back over here and post your results. Happy quizzing!

Free-Spirited Rowdy Chicks Need Lovin’ Too – Part 1

Photo © Lynn Davis
If you have followed this blog or know me personally, you probably have ascertained that I am a free-spirited rowdy chick. By this, I mean that I am one of those women who is strong, independent, and who lives her life by her own set of values rather than by social constraints. I will not be caged, but that does not mean I do not love or cannot be unquestioningly faithful and committed. Quite the opposite – I love and commit with the same fiery passion with which I live my life and pursue my dreams.

These qualities make us few and proud free-spirited rowdy chicks seem ‘hard to hold’. I guess the reality of it is for most men we are. We are like a brilliant dazzling fire that burns when you get too close – unless you are a firefighter who knows what he is doing and has experience with the flame. (Okay, I admit I was just looking for a way to include firemen in this . . .lol)

There is a type of man that can deal with our rough edges and our fiery free spirit. This man is the one whose strength, drive, and commitment to his personal values rival our own. This man ‘gets’ what makes us tick because he is our male counterpart. The difference is that this man has more refined edges than do we. This gentle refined aspect is what draws us in rather than pushes us away. It is his ‘gentle touch’ that brings us home to him and his arms every time – and it is our fire and free-spirit that inspires him and energizes him and causes him to feel like he has finally found his home – in our arms.

The relationship between the two personality types is a very symbiotic one in which both sides benefit and feel fulfilled. The relationship is not without its inherent challenges, as there are two strong personalities at work – but with work and commitment, it can be one of the most dynamic long-term relationships ever.

I have written two things that deal with this. One on my own, and one was inspired by and comes in part from another rowdy chick – who graciously allows me to use her general theme along with some of her wording. Those will be parts two and three of this post.

This weekend is about celebrating and embracing all that makes us the wonderful, amazing free-spirited rowdy chicks that we are.

I put my rowdy chick YouTube play list in the side panel of this blog. Enjoy!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Perfect Match: A Conniving Murderer - How 'Bout You?

One of the (many) things I am doing currently is beta testing a network television station's new website. One of the features of this website is in the games section and involves matching players up with a particular television series' character.

I took the test more than once, and tried variations of answer sets that all honestly reflected me and my personality. I got the same results every time.

The show is not one I am familiar with, so I looked up the show and the character I was matched with online. I was matched with a conniving murderer.

I have taken many funny, semi-serious, and ultra-serious matching quizzes over the years, and certain elements have remained the same. In all honestly, some of the traits that I love and value the most in men, such as drive, ambition, determination, and raw male power, if they go horribly wrong, could lead to conniving and perhaps murderous behavior.

When it comes to the traits of YOUR perfect match, what are the dark side of the coin traits they could turn into?
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