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Friday, August 10, 2007

Women are Stupid

Photo by Chance Agrella
I admit it. I am not perfect. There are times when I seriously would like to smack someone upside the head. This is one of those times.

I have run into a two-part phenomenon. The first is the women who complain that men don't respect them and don't treat them well. They can't understand why men continually leave them.
The second is the men who don't act like gentlemen on dates, or yell (yes I have been literally yelled at) orders at women to 'stay where you are' and 'don't touch that door' because the women they have previously dated did not let them act like gentlemen or berated them for displaying chivalrous behavior.

This is why I say women are stupid. If ya teach men its wrong to show courtesy towards women, guess what? They are not going to treat you with courtesy. If you berate them for being considerate towards you, not only are you teaching them to not respect you, but you are not allowing them to be who they innately are: and they are not going to stick around.

Your 'feminist' and 'independent' thinking and attitude is screwed up and ruining many a good man. Plus, you are ticking off women like myself who have to retrain these men as to how to treat a lady right. I am beyond tired of cleaning up YOUR mess.

You may like complaining about men and making them feel badly for being kind to women. Fine. But keep it out of my dating pool, sister!

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