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Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Lost 'Boys'

Photo by Roxana Gonzalez
A friend has recently disclosed that amongst many members of an *LDS dating site of which we are both members, last year there was a chlamydia breakout. . .due in large part to one man. His answer when confronted about it? That antibiotics clear it up.

She also disclosed that from that same site, there was a man claiming to be active LDS with a recommend pursuing her. . .all the while hitting on a classmate of hers (including sending the classmate nudie pics) on a site specifically for soliciting sex. She set up a 'fake' profile with no info on there after being told many men from the LDS site were actually there. . .soliciting sex. . .and lo and behold: she saw them!

Is this what the world has come to? This type of total misrepresentation?

I have several guy pals who have told me that basically 'men will say anything to get in a woman's pants'. . .and whether it is for sex or other physical/sexual activity, it applies to LDS men as well.

At first I was shocked and argued with them.

Between a good chunk of the dating experiences I have had, plus the above revelations. . .I am sadly starting to believe they are telling the truth.

I know we are in the last days and that the adversary is working hard on us all. Perhaps the sex drive is the Achilles heel for most men. . .it is certainly a weakness/sin of tremendous consequence (second only to murder).

This stuff just truly shocks, saddens, and disturbs me.

Is there any hope for our men?
Is there any hope for us ladies to ever find a man who has not been lured away from us and the path of righteousness?

I wonder.

*The site is NOT run nor endorsed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It is independently owned and operated by a non-LDS corporation. It is an 'LDS' site only by merit of being targeted towards members of the LDS Church.

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