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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Men in Kilts: YEAH BABY!

I saw this video on yahoo today, and I must say, I LIKE IT! *They have removed the video that link went to. If it is available elsewhere I will fix that link. In the meanwhile, enjoy THIS substitute video.

Maybe it is some primal thing from my Greek ancestry about men showing some serious leg-age, but I dig men in kilts! I love seeing a man's legs, and I think kilts are just plain sexy. . .with a little bit of 'tease' tossed in.

Face it, the curiosity hits us all as to what is under the kilt (which is kinda sexy in and of itself). . .and they are long enough that LDS men can wear the appropriate undergarments and still show their schmokin' hot legs!

The benefits to the men wearing them are the non-restrictive feeling, the 'air-conditioning', the attention it generates, and the chance to be uniquely expressive as to who they are as an individual.

Ok, the best one is how many women are gonna go ga-ga over it! LOL

This is a really funny "MEN IN KILTS" type commercial. It is for alcohol, and I have to state here that I am NOT endorsing this product, alcohol, or the consumption of alcohol. I am, however, totally endorsing the concepts of men being men, and of men wearing kilts. *GRIN*Video courtesy of Youtube user Natterfly.

Just bear in mind if you are wearing a kilt, you can't really act out what they did in that video or this might be you.

Buy kilts online in the US: sportkilt

Buy kilts online from Scotland: KiltStore

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