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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

How Dating is Like Quidditch

I was watching our Harry Potter DVDs while I was catching up on paperwork, and it struck me how the game of Quidditch is a lot like the dating 'game'.

In Quidditch you have different playing positions and different balls. Each position seeks after a different ball and has a different goal in mind. So it is with each of us and dating. There are several different things sought in dating. . .and several different goals which may be accomplished.

First, we have the Beaters and the Bludgers. The Bludgers are like the slime of the dating world. They are the players, users, liars, con artists, octopuses, etc. These are the ones who are only interested in getting whatever they can at whatever cost. They attack their prey and intentionally hurt them. The Beaters would be those daters who continually seem to deal with and attract this type of person.

Secondly, we have the Chasers and the Quaffle. The Quaffle is like the fun date. This is the person who isn't looking for a commitment and just dates to have fun. The Chasers then would be those who seek that type of person, for they, too, only are dating to have fun.

Lastly, we have the Seeker and the Golden Snitch. Catch the Golden Snitch and the game is over. So it is with the dating game. The Golden Snitch would be a person whom is a great match for us. They are ready, willing, and able to commit and have their ducks in a row. Those who are Seekers are the people who are also ready, willing, and able to commit. . .have their own ducks in a row, and are dating with purpose: to marry and have a healthy, happy, eternal union.

So, what of the Keeper, you Potter fans may be asking. Well, in this scenario, the Keeper would be the Holy Ghost: protecting us from those who would try to 'score' against us and trying to help us keep our 'hoops' safe (or virtue in tact).

So, when it comes to dating, which position do YOU play?

Personally, I am a Seeker. . .well, I guess that means I am a Golden Snitch, too. LOL

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