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Sunday, August 12, 2007

The Lesson of the Tree

Photo by Leland Davis
I watched a tree today, bending with the wind. I noticed how when the gusts came along, some of the branches lifted Heavenwards. . their leaves turned upward shimmering with light, as they lightly swayed with the wind.

Other branches seemed to desperately bend towards the earth. . their leaves not showing light. . .and quaking violently as they tried to fight the wind.

We are like the branches of that tree. When the winds of trials come, do we turn our leaves (faces, thoughts, minds, and hearts) Heavenward. . .and as a result sway lightly WITH the wind?

Or do we turn towards the world, rejecting the light and trying in vain to hold to all things worldly and our own strength. . . only to be violently shaken in our trials?

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