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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Who Matters Most to You?

On another site, the question was asked if we honestly care about others more than ourselves. It got me thinking about how much I care about others, and how I prioritize or rank that.

What I came up with is the following:
If it were between me and Osama you can bet I'd let him 'take the bullet' ;-p

Generally speaking, I care about others a great deal - but I also have boundaries which dictate just how much I will sacrifice and for what purpose.

* For a worthy cause (like to save a life) - I'd lay down my life for almost anyone
* For those closest to my heart - I put their needs ahead of my wants
* What my son needs comes ahead of what anyone else in my life needs - except when I need to take care of my health really badly. Then he has to do a holding pattern til I am up to it. I can't take care of him when I am not functioning. If I were married hubby would come ahead of, but not at the expense of, my son.

I think you get the picture.

So, when it comes to who you care about, and just how much, in relation to how much you care about yourself - where do others fit in?

In honor of the question, a little musical support:

You Mean the World to Me

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