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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Deep-Voiced Men

I was directed to two articles about the fertility of men with deep voices, as well as their attractiveness to women. The conclusion is that higher testosterone levels create not only the deeper voice, but the fertility as well as that 'thing' that attracts women.

I am an alpha female, I find myself more attracted to men with deeper, soothing voices than I do those with mid-high range voices. However, I don't know if that is because I am sensory-oriented and the lower voice is more pleasing to my ear; if the lower voice is an 'alpha' male thing which just naturally pulls at my 'alpha' female instincts; or if it is in any way related to the findings of the study.

First, links to the articles:

A Man's Deep Voice Could Mean More Offspring

Man's Voice an Indicator of Sexual Potency: Study

Second, two questions:
Ladies: how does a man's voice affect you and your attraction to him?
Gentlemen: how low/high is your voice, and how much has that affected your attractiveness to women (i.e. how much attention does your voice get you?)

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