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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Red Flags

Photo by Kerry A. Adamo
Red Flags is a term people use to describe huge warning signs about others and their behavior or personality. Being single, I have discovered many other singles put a great deal of time into looking for red flags and put a great deal of stock into the philosophy they should 'run' at the first sign of anything they believe to be a red flag.

Everyone has a different idea about what is a sign of trouble. In my own life I am going through that phase we all experience from time-to-time when a lot of challenges hit at once. Its just life, and one day at a time I am getting through it; but to an outsider it could appear to be a huge red flag about me and my life.

Because of what I am handling, I have shifted my own focus from dating to dealing with the challenges, so it puts me in a quandry of sorts when men come along who want to start something. How much do I fill them in about, and should I fill them and in and let them decide what to do or just brush them off for now as the timing is off?

All of this got me thinking about red flags and what we, as individuals consider to be red flags and what we do about them.

What do YOU think is a red flag?
What do you do when you first see something which might be a red flag?
How many red flags are in your own life?

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