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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Rowdy Chick and Disney Chicks - the quiz

Considering my earlier post, this is just too funny. I took this quiz at HelloQuizzy designed to discern which Disney female you are most like.

Here are my results:
You scored 70 Independence, 55 Romance, 55 Loyalty, and 70 Practicality!

Your result for The What Disney Female are you Test...


You are Esmerelda! Like her, you have a good sharp mind, and can look after yourself, no one could catch you if you didn't want to be caught! Although you can be a romantic, you wouldn't be fooled into a relationship that was bad for you, you'd rather be a bit suspicious of people until you know they are definately good. Despite hardship and bad circumstances, you can always be counted on to fight and not give in, to not lose hope. You take stregnth from religion or within rather than from family or your lover, and can exist quite happily on your own although you like being social too. You are one of the strongest disney heroines, witty, firey, passionate, strong willed, and nimble, making everyone want you, but getting your own way and doing your own thing.

Take The What Disney Female are you Test at HelloQuizzy

If you follow the link and take the quiz, please be sure to hop on back over here and post your results. Happy quizzing!

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