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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Free-Spirited Rowdy Chicks Need Lovin’ Too – Part 1

Photo © Lynn Davis
If you have followed this blog or know me personally, you probably have ascertained that I am a free-spirited rowdy chick. By this, I mean that I am one of those women who is strong, independent, and who lives her life by her own set of values rather than by social constraints. I will not be caged, but that does not mean I do not love or cannot be unquestioningly faithful and committed. Quite the opposite – I love and commit with the same fiery passion with which I live my life and pursue my dreams.

These qualities make us few and proud free-spirited rowdy chicks seem ‘hard to hold’. I guess the reality of it is for most men we are. We are like a brilliant dazzling fire that burns when you get too close – unless you are a firefighter who knows what he is doing and has experience with the flame. (Okay, I admit I was just looking for a way to include firemen in this . . .lol)

There is a type of man that can deal with our rough edges and our fiery free spirit. This man is the one whose strength, drive, and commitment to his personal values rival our own. This man ‘gets’ what makes us tick because he is our male counterpart. The difference is that this man has more refined edges than do we. This gentle refined aspect is what draws us in rather than pushes us away. It is his ‘gentle touch’ that brings us home to him and his arms every time – and it is our fire and free-spirit that inspires him and energizes him and causes him to feel like he has finally found his home – in our arms.

The relationship between the two personality types is a very symbiotic one in which both sides benefit and feel fulfilled. The relationship is not without its inherent challenges, as there are two strong personalities at work – but with work and commitment, it can be one of the most dynamic long-term relationships ever.

I have written two things that deal with this. One on my own, and one was inspired by and comes in part from another rowdy chick – who graciously allows me to use her general theme along with some of her wording. Those will be parts two and three of this post.

This weekend is about celebrating and embracing all that makes us the wonderful, amazing free-spirited rowdy chicks that we are.

I put my rowdy chick YouTube play list in the side panel of this blog. Enjoy!

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