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Monday, June 23, 2008

Free-Spirited Rowdy Chicks Need Lovin' Too - Part 3

Photo © Tom Curtis
For the third installment of this Rowdy Chick series, I am sharing a parable I wrote about Rowdy Chicks and the men who love us.

A Parable by Dani

Once a wise man and a foolish man each yearned to have a tigress to call their own. They set off for the jungle, each determined to acquire his prize.

The foolish man set up a trap and did manage to snare a beautiful tigress. He took her home and happily placed her in a small cage where he would occasionally toss her some scraps and old bones while he watched her furiously pace and hiss. The foolish man tried to tame her and make her do his will. The Tigress, a wild creature by nature, yearned only for her freedom and took advantage of her first opportunity to escape. . .leaving the foolish man bewildered and deeply wounded.

Meanwhile, the wise man carefully watched his chosen tigress from a distance. He learned to become a part of her world without invading her space until she allowed it. He learned all he could about her and made his presence consistently felt in her world while giving her her freedom and respecting her wild nature. The tigress came to trust the wise man, and soon allowed him closer to her. She remained ever the wild creature, but his deep love and respect of her and her true nature bound her to him in a way nothing else could. He never tried to cage her or change her, so she learned she could trust him; and quickly came to desire his company and to please him. His choice to honor her nature and her freedom was the very thing that drew her to him. . .and forever bound her to him. His wisdom garnered him the fulfillment of his dreams.....and so much more.

So, tell me true. . .are you a wise man or a fool?

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