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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Free-Spirited Rowdy Chicks Need Lovin’ Too – Part 2

Photo © Chance Agrella
As promised, today I am posting part two of the Rowdy Chicks series.

Today I am going to share something another Rowdy Chick started. She shared her words, and allowed me to use her inspiration to create my own words and story. From Kendra - a Rowdy Chick whom I adore, admire, and respect; to me; to you.

Exotic Pets

*Remember while you read this that exotic pets are more than beautiful birds and magnificent cats. Iguanas and 'gators are considered exotic pets as well.

It always starts out innocently enough, a guy is attracted to me either in real life or on his computer screen and he initiates contact. We talk and he finds that I am not like the other women he has dated, and my own life experience is beyond his own. He always seems a bit fascinated and shocked all at the same time; and it seems to arouse curiosity and a need for more.

It’s a lot like the exotic pet trade in the US. These animals are coveted by many who don't really understand the animal but who want something unique, something that is a bit of a challenge to keep, and something that is unlike anything that their friends and neighbors posses.

But since they don't know a lot about the pets, the pets and the owner rarely find joy, and there are a lot of exotic pets that are given up because the owner just found them too hard to keep.

I could BE one of these animals. My life is not run by religious or societal constraints or cultural norms, but by my own definition of what is true and right. These beliefs may or may not match popular opinion.

Though I tend to be conservative in my beliefs and standards, even to a man who has played it safe all his life, I am seen as something unique and different. This isn't my ego speaking - men tell me this themselves.

But like the lay person with the exotic pet, they wish to bring me into their environment and force me into adapting to it. They don't understand that I, like the wild animal, don't acclimate well to the change, and cannot be anyone other than who I am.

When I love, it is forever and I give all that I am and all that I have. That being said, I won't be caged or constrained . . . and it's quite possible that I can't be tamed. It is not in my nature nor is it my choice to be other than who I am.

The thought has occurred to me that perhaps I should add a disclaimer to my life that only those who have experience with exotic pets need apply.

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