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Thursday, June 5, 2008

My Perfect Match: A Conniving Murderer - How 'Bout You?

One of the (many) things I am doing currently is beta testing a network television station's new website. One of the features of this website is in the games section and involves matching players up with a particular television series' character.

I took the test more than once, and tried variations of answer sets that all honestly reflected me and my personality. I got the same results every time.

The show is not one I am familiar with, so I looked up the show and the character I was matched with online. I was matched with a conniving murderer.

I have taken many funny, semi-serious, and ultra-serious matching quizzes over the years, and certain elements have remained the same. In all honestly, some of the traits that I love and value the most in men, such as drive, ambition, determination, and raw male power, if they go horribly wrong, could lead to conniving and perhaps murderous behavior.

When it comes to the traits of YOUR perfect match, what are the dark side of the coin traits they could turn into?

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