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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Miss His Smile . . .

Photo by Roxanna Gonzalez
Today I got a lot of good news and I wanted so much for there to be someone special here to share it with. My thoughts immediately went back to someone in my past whom would have been especially great to tell - and to celebrate with.

We had a great deal in common, and we truly enjoyed each other's company. We were so very compatible in so very many ways. The problem was there were some very big, bad, major issues which could not just be overlooked or brushed aside. As great as the good stuff was, was how really bad the bad stuff was.

The great stuff I had with him was the very stuff my dreams had been made of. I dreamed for so long of someone I would have that level of compatibility with whom I could also work well with. And work well together, we did.

The bad stuff was just - well, intolerable by the standards of any reasonable person. If those things were being addressed it would have made all the difference in the world. But, they weren't and there was no sign they ever would be. Discussions with me and all around him got exactly no where.

There was nothing left to do but walk away. Unless I wanted to 'settle' for living in an intolerable set of circumstances.

Sometimes I wonder if this is what being divorced and over 30 has come to - either 'settling' for intolerable situations so you aren't alone; or being alone and hoping you 'qualify' for that sweet matchmaking in the millennium.

What helps YOU in situations such as this?

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