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Thursday, November 29, 2007

I am a Person - Not Your Shrink

I have run into this phenomenon a few times, and I must say it is puzzling and annoying. It goes something like this:

Gentleman monopolizes conversation with ramblings about himself. Anytime I try to interject a comment or ask a question, I am talked over.

Then when he finally pauses to take a breath, he asks me, in an insistent tone, “Aren’t you going to ask me anything about myself?” (or something along those lines).

Sir, I am not your shrink. I am not being paid to listen to your self-indulgent prattle, nor am I being paid to give you more motivation to continue on in your endless diatribe.

I am a person. I am interested in conversation, which involves the free verbal exchange between two people of information, ideas, and insights. This is how singles get to know each other better – by both of them getting an opportunity to talk about themselves and ask questions about each other.

Call me when you get what the difference is.

By the way, trying to force me into some pre-made cutout of what you think I should be by dictating and directing my actions is a fast way to get an ‘adios’.

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