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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good Matches According to Dr House

Photo by Alberta Schmidt

On the show House, Dr Gregory House sees a patient’s wife and has a conversation with her about how their integers are mismatched. His theory is that 4’s marry 4’s, 7’s marry 7’s and 9’s marry 9’s. He tells her that she has at least 3 numbers on him, so she must have married him for some ulterior motive.

Now, in the show (this is also the one in which Dr House gets shot) it is also discussed how, to him, everything is connected. This ties in with his integer theory with the wife.

So, according to Dr House’s theory of matching integers making good matches, on a scale of 1-10:
What are you?
What was your former spouse when you married?
What were they when you divorced?
What were you when you divorced?

If you were not married, apply it to your last big breakup.
If you are widowed, apply the marriage questions, not the divorce ones.

Did a change in physical appearance in either or both of you affect your marriage or precipitate your divorce?

What are you now on a scale of 1-10?
What integer(s) do you ask out or seek dates with?
What integer(s) ask you out or seek your time and attention/dates with you?

Since I rarely get the attention of 9-10’s and get a lot of date requests and attention from 7’s and 8’s, does this mean I am a 7 or 8?

Is there something to the integer theory?
Does it apply equally to men and women, or is one gender more driven by it?

What do YOU think?

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