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Monday, March 31, 2008

Make Over Yourself and Your Life - Website Launch April 1, 2008

As I have been working on my plan to simplify my life, I have been learning a great deal and have been finding tremendous benefits to what I am doing. Recently, an acquaintance from a singles website announced something spectacular that she is doing.

Dianne Hanks has given free outer makeover advice to people on the site before, but in her own life she has been busy working on outer and inner make overs. She has decided to take what she has learned and share it with others - men and women.

On April 1, 2008 she is launching a new website: Many professionals from a plethora of different areas are on board to help people makeover themselves, and their life, inside and out.

I have always been impressed with Dianne's inner beauty, and there is no question about how much her outer beauty shines. The more I looked into this, the more excited I became about finding out more. I think there is something for everyone in what she is offering.

Watch Dianne's Video About MakeOverSession.Com:

The list of participating experts and the fields they cover is staggering:
Lorin Roche - Meditation
Grant Adams - Online Dating for Men
Glenda Feilen - Nutrition
Richard DeAndrea - Holistic Cleansing
Dr. Stephen West - Lymphology
Shea Schneider - Wardrobe
Bart Baggett - Handwriting
Talya Meldy - Colon Hydrotherapy
Brooks Palmer - Clutterbusting
Habib Sadeghi - Holistic Health
Marie Diamond - Feng Shui/Home Energy
Brian Chang - Drinking Water
Cynthia Kiktavi - Landscaping
Dodie Sy - Floral Couture
Greg Brown - Skin Rejuvenation
Jaxson Rodriguez - Car Makeovers
Jesse YBarra - Hair
Jimi Mathis - Taxes
John F. Shega - Plastic Surgery
K.C. Lug - Wellness
Karol Kuhn Truman - Feelings Healings
Lindy Beverly - Cosmetic Dentistry
Mary Ellen Simmons - Humanitarianism
Maureen Tepedino - Art and Walls
Mike Peterson - Money
Paul Devine - Physique
Paulette Sadler - Hair Removal
Todd Ehrler - Orthodontistry
Tony Marren - Philanthropy
(the site states 'and more')

And yes, that photo and letter on the website to Dianne from 'Dani, UT' is me/mine. I really do believe in and support what she is doing.

For more information:

The Website -
Tv Clip - Makeover Session with Dianne Hanks
Videos - Tips from Dianne

Be sure to check it out! Please comment here and there and let us know what you think.

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