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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

For the Love of a Woman

Photo by Chance Agrella

Two video links today regarding how men love women.

The first is a sad tale regarding a divorcing man so heartbroken that he is now putting 'his whole life' up for sale on Ebay. His 'whole life' comprises all of his belongings from their shared life, associations with his friends, and possible jobs for the purchaser. To view this short clip, please click HERE.

The second video clip is a much more positive one. A man is celebrating his love for his wife in an amazing and inspiring way. Through creating his tribute, he has developed new talents, pulled himself out of depression, and honors God - which he plans on sharing with others. To view this touching video clip, please click HERE.

What do YOU think about the two videos?

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My pleasure to come across your blog and read it, keep posting.

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