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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hey PlayaDude! What Makes a Friend a Great Marital Choice?

{{Potd/2007-03-1 (en)}}Image via Wikipedia I am starting off today's post by giving a "shout-out" to an awesome man in my life. *Hey PlayaDudue!* This man went from being a disastrous date several years ago to one of my best friends now. Its amazing how much can happen when kindness, communication, and forgiveness exist. I do not know what I would do if I did not have this man’s friendship and support in my life.

This and another situation in my life got me thinking about the different types of relationships we create in our life, and how much relationships change over time. As humans, we are ever changing, so people being able to stay together for 25+ years boggles my mind. It demonstrates to me that it is very much possible in our flawed human state to commit to one person, to put the good of another person and a relationship ahead of our own whims, and that the couple who selflessly loves one another stays together.

Counting my best friend who passed away recently, I have had three male best friends in this stage of my life that I could never be with romantically, but I do not know how I would survive without them in my life platonically.

They say you should marry your best friend, but all three of them would disagree with that in terms of us. I would have to agree with them. So, what then is the ‘thing’ that makes a best friend a great marital choice vs. just a best friend? I think for me, I can easily be friends with people who are very different from me. However, when it comes to building a committed romantic relationship and future, I think you really need common goals and values - I know that I do.

What do YOU think? Do you have friends you could marry?

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