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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You Don't Flirt With Me

text is ambiguous „would it be bad of me, if I...Image via Wikipedia I was told that recently by a gentleman with whom I have been communicating.

It really took me by surprise. I am usually told I am a huge flirt, and 'accused' of flirting when I am simply conversing.

First, I thought about what expectations the gentleman was putting on me and our conversations. Part of me wondered, based on a couple of comments he made previously, if by 'flirting' he actually meant something else - like talking about things I do not feel comfortable talking about with men I have not even gone out with - much less am not involved with.

Then I thought about my level of attraction to him and realized I had been keeping the tone a little more 'friendly' and 'casual' than I do with guys I am seriously interested in getting to know better.

The final thought was that perhaps part of me just doesn't want to date or get involved right now, and actually has stifled the flirty side of my personality. That thought made me feel a little sad, but as I considered what is going on in my life I realized that at least for now, perhaps it is for the best.

How flirty are you and what affects your level of flirtatiousness?
How do YOU define 'flirty'?

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