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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Men are Genetically Inclined to Cheat

I read this interesting article from, "Why Men Cheat".

While I find the discovery of a 'cheating gene' interesting, I find the concept to be one of the biggest cop-outs of all time. Regardless of whether there is a gene that can create stronger urges towards infidelity in men or not, the fact is that man is supposed to be more evolved and civilized than animals.

To say a man is completely subject to his genetics and primal urges is to say he is no better now than a caveman or an animal. I reject this and propose that while any human being may have an urge to cheat, it is the very nature and responsibility of civilized men and women to use conscious thought and intellect to overrule primal urges.

What do YOU say?

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