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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Art of Manliness and a FREEBIE

In Storms & Crossroads They Stay TogetherImage by HckySo via FlickrI stumbled across "The Art of Manliness" and I have to admit that I totally love it! Today I discovered they have a FREE guide for 2008. I downloaded it and it is fabulous.

I am a bit 'old fashioned', so these common-sense guidelines for courteous and gentlemanly behavior really appeal to me. I am totally hot for gentlemen.

But, I am old-fashioned, and I am a woman. I would love to know what the men around here think of The Art of Manliness and the guide.

Also, I would like feedback from the ladies - what do YOU think about the site and the guide?

Personally, I think men and women should always treat each other with such courtesy - I don't think either gender should settle for less than being treated in such a manner.

The Art of Manliness

Guide to Being a Gentleman in 2008 (PDF)
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