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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

LDS Toolbar and Social Networking

I have been writing a lot of how-tos about Firefox as of late, and because of that I was ‘playing’ on the Firefox addon site. As my eyes grew larger than my hard drive due to all the fun, helpful, and amazing downloads available for FF3 and prior builds, I stopped short when I saw the name, “LDS Toolbar Extension”.

I, of course, downloaded the free extension, and it is marvelous! It gives you buttons for quick access to many wonderful LDS sites. It comes with a search feature, and allows you to contact the creator in order to suggest sites that are not already listed. One section in the LDS Websites button’s drop down menu allows you to see all the newly added sites.

Guess what else? The toolbar is configured so newly accepted sites can be automatically added to the toolbar without having to wait for the new version to come out! Yay! In addition, there is a section for ‘messages’ from the creator giving users updates, including Home/Visiting Teaching reminders.

Get Yours HERE:

While I was ‘playing’ with the toolbar I found a really fun link for those who love social networking (singles and marrieds): MyMormonSpace. It is currently switching to a newer format, so most of the members are still on the old version. However, soon they will be moved over to the new one. Why not sign up now at the new version and be there ready and waiting to greet them?

I plan on setting up a profile on MyMormonSpace, so if you happen to see me there, be sure to add me as a friend!

By the way, its always a plus to have a job that pays you to ‘play’ as part of your research.

Happy Toolbar use and Social Networking!



LDS Toolbar Extension 1.40 (Firefox)
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I would like also to mention that the above extension works only on Firefox. There is however a Toolbar that works for Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari Web Browsers.
You can find it at

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