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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ugh! Back to Cheaters!

An article from a couple days ago on Spiegel International has got me back onto the topic of cheaters. First, you need to read the article so this blog entry will make sense.

I cannot believe that this woman who worked as a private detective, seeing the utter devastation that lies, deceit, and cheating caused in families and marriages decided that the way to help stop the problem was to aid and abet the lying deceitful cheaters!

I have said it before and I will say it again: Common Sense has died. Beyond that I think it is one more in a long series of signs of the times. This is a clear example of 'evil being called good'.

I guess the 'saving grace' in the article is that she states that the alibis given by the way of receipts and bills are all for fictional establishments. Knowing this, a suspicious spouse/significant other has only to hop online or make a phone call to verify said establishment even exists.

Personally, I think that adds to the lack of IQ points this woman is displaying. ..but I am sure for legal reasons it can be no other way. So, cheaters unite. .. pay this woman to add to your deception, and the person you think you are fooling is STILL going to be able to nail your worthless hide to the wall.

Wouldn't you be better off either not cheating or to just get a divorce? I mean seriously. . .grow up and fix YOUR problems so you can be a better spouse and have a better marriage . ..or show your mate some kindness and mercy and free them of YOU.


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