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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Buy a Fancy Car to Get a Woman to Date You

When I first saw this article promoted on CNN, I thought it must be a joke. Then I read it. Nope. The author, a woman, was not kidding. In fact, the intro to her article reads, "Why should a female auto journalist give you advice on great date cars? Because as far as cars go, I know what turns a woman on and what really turns her off." [author note: apparently she does not - her list and my top vehicle list are dramatically different]

She goes on to detail a list of cars men should buy in order to impress women and get dates with them. The ironic thing is that she also mentions what her husband was driving when they met, "On the first date with my husband, he drove me around in an old Volvo sedan with very squeaky brakes. Derick is an actor and his car reflected his lifestyle as a struggling artist dedicated to his talent. I was obviously more impressed by his intelligence, reliability and determination rather than his status or style."

She justified her list by saying that women nowadays are 'rather picky'.

I admit, the entire article creeped me out. While I am very appreciative of luxury vehicles, 4wd, and power behind the wheel, I have never in my life accepted or declined a date with a man due to his vehicle or lack thereof. If the article is to be believed, then women today have turned into shallow, vapid creatures easily lured by material possessions.

So my questions to you are:

Ladies: how much bearing does what a gentleman drive have on whether or not you will accept a date with him?

Gentlemen: how often have you felt that your vehicle had any strong influence on any woman's decision regarding whether or not to date you?

Final word - when it comes to buying a vehicle, Ladies and Gents, the best advice is to buy what you love, what you can afford, and what fits best into your lifestyle needs, all rolled into one. Forget all that hooey about trying to attract dates with your vehicle. If they only want you for your car, do you really want them?

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